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The Three faces of the word 'Slipstream':
1. in physics: a force attaching itself to another force and pulling needed elements along with it.
2. in literature: work that has elements of several literary genres but cannot be defined by a singular one.
3. in metaphysical: the state of the subconscious mind, often experienced during dreaming, where one can access past lives and pull lessons learned from them into the present in order for the conscious mind to avoid repeating mistakes.
Slipstream Theatre Initiative operates on the idea that the intent of the playwright combined with the abilities of the actor should be brought to the forefront, while creating current, minimalistic and understandable art. Stripping the work down to the basics of the text and the impact of the words allows for interpretation and discoveries, making the old new again. As an ensemble of trained actors, the company benefits from utilizing each individual's strengths to ensure the best possible production each time without fail. Continuing education is another valuable asset to the company, allowing local adults the opportunity to learn the basics of a BFA Acting Program in a six month study. Recreating old works, premiering original works and educating emerging artists are the main foundation of the company. Invent nothing, deny nothing.

Mountain Lake
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Beach Huts
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Ferris Wheel
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Palm Trees
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City Cycle
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Misty Slopes
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Fire Wood
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Foggy Pier
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Cafe in Autumn
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Bailey Boudreau
Tiaja Sabrie
Mandy Logsdon
Alanna Elling
Maggie Gilkes
Kaitlyn Valor Bourque
Maxim Vinogradov
Brenton Herwat
Mike Suchyta
Rachel Biber
Jonathan Jones
Maya Gangadharan
Patrick K. Flanagan
Alex Isenberg
Dan Miller
Jeannine Thompson
Pat O'Lear
Maggie Alger
Steve Xander Carson
Kimberly Alley
Richard Payton
Miles Bond
Linda Rabin Hammell
Dan Johnson
Ryan Ernst
Megan Welenc
Blake Pruneau
Jan Cartwright
Kate Martinez
Grace Trivax
Danielle Wright
Torri Lynn Frances
Jackson Abohasira
Diana Turner
Sarah Stevens
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(313) 268-3739

460 Hilton Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220, USA

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Miles Bond

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