Artun Kircali


Artun Kircali was born and raised in Novi, Michigan, where he spent his youth swimming laps, running track, and perfecting his Super Mario Bros. speed run.  While he enjoyed these activities immensely, he also had a creative side that he longed to tap into but just couldn’t find a fulfilling way to do so. It wasn’t until college that he finally figured out how to do just that, after a stressful evening of studying organic chemistry drove him to look for a creative outlet where he could play and experiment, away from redux reactions and cyclohexanes. He found this outlet in the form of a one credit production practicum course where he got the opportunity to work backstage on a university production of “As You Like It”. From the jump, he was fascinated and in love, and swore he would do whatever it took to earn a spot on stage, playing, making people laugh and, most importantly, bringing moving stories to life. Two years, a few acting classes, and many, many auditions later, he finally got his chance when he was cast as Alonso in his university drama club’s production of “The Tempest.”

Since graduating, he has continued to act throughout the Metro Detroit area, performing with Water Works Theatre Company, the Magenta Giraffe, the Michigan Shakespeare Festival, the New Theatre Project, Threefold Productions, the Ringwald, Planet Ant, and Penny Seats. Each production has been a precious experience to grow and learn as an artist and a member of this community, and has allowed him the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals who helped him look beyond himself and appreciate the struggles and victories that make up the lives of others. Despite becoming involved with theatre for the laughs and the chance to play, it has been the expansion of his own world view that has been the most rewarding, which is what makes him so excited to be a part of the Slipstream Theatre Initiative.


When he’s not acting, Artun is also a ferocious music lover and will beg you to listen to him butcher your favorite classics on the drums or guitar whenever he gets a chance. In addition, he loves playing video games and consuming alarming amounts of coffee.  He still doesn’t know exactly what a redux reaction or cyclohexane is.

Although I didn’t grow up in the city of Detroit, it’s been a part of my world for my whole life. From seeing shows at the Fox with friends, attending the Detroit Jazz Festival with my dad, or getting lost for hours in the DIA, Detroit has given me so much. I want to contribute whatever I can to continue the incredible art I’ve seen created and performed right here. The atmosphere is vibrant, the people are brilliant, and the energy is invigorating. I’m so excited and honored to be a part of the Slipstream Theatre Initiative because of their fearless and innovative approach to theatre, by such a welcoming, and immensely talented group of artists.