Bailey Boudreau

Artistic Director

Bailey Boudreau grew up with a military dad, which meant moving around a lot as a child; from Michigan to Ohio, Georgia, Germany and finally Florida. At age 12 is when the magic of the theatre hit him. He rushed out to buy the "Les Miserables" soundtrack after seeing his idol, Debbie Gibson, featured on Entertainment Tonight one evening and naively thought she'd be on the cast recording. From the moment the first song began, he knew he had finally found home. (Even though Gibson clearly never made an appearance on the original cast recording, Thank God.) He attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida and then went on to the BFA Program at the School of Fine Arts at Boston University. He left school to do a national tour of the Diary of Anne Frank, in which he played Peter, before landing in Chicago and working as an actor there for two years. While in Chicago he originated the role of "Leslie" in Being Beautiul, a role that forever changed how he saw himself and theatre. Boudreau came to Detroit in an attempt to reconnect with family and ended up in a car accident that kept him bound here for a while. He started acting again (ironically in The Diary of Anne Frank at the J.E.T.) and continued working as an actor at many theatres in the area. It wasn't until the untimely passing of a very inspirational person that he became interested in things other than acting. Pursuing all the avenues of theatre, Boudreau produced the RAW Festival in 2011 and continued producing, directing, acting and costuming for the next three years.


"The appeal of LA or New York is almost always in an actor's mind or subconscious somewhere. Seeing old friends make it big, wondering what might have been or what could be...these things provide a melancholy conundrum for most of us who have pursued this for a while. However, when I stop and look around the metro Detroit area, I see an incomparable amount of visceral, determined and proficient artists who refuse to flee for 'better' opportunities and instead stay here to bring new life into this community. That kind of dedication and passion make it impossible to want to be anywhere else. "


How did Slipstream come about?


"On a whimsical April evening, a wise woman asked me: 'So what do you want to do with your life?'. My response came flowing out like verbal vomit. ' I want to start a company that doesn't compete with other companies. I don't want to take away from the work that is already being done here, or compete for the same talent pool. I'd like to show the younger people why the classics are considered timeless, which means making them current and accessible to the Facebook generation. I'd like it to be a closed company of committed actors that can be relied upon and trusted to bring truth to the work of the playwright. I'd prefer it to be a mobile company so we aren't locked into a space that has to be manipulated over and over again to create the right atmosphere per production. I'd want to make sure the actors are compensated well, being an actor myself, that's something I'd want. Most of all, I'd want to be a presence in all demographics without stepping on the toes of all the other incredible companies already in existence. In fact, I'd love to be able to work with them and local charities to create even more of a community vibe and to create more work enticing artists to stay in Detroit.' The wise woman's response to my stream of consciosness: 'Name your baby in the morning and let's start the paperwork tomorrow. It's time to live that life. Time to grow up.' The rest just happened.


While theatre and art are the staples in Boudreau's life, he has a secret passion (or not so secret) for 80's pop hits, binge watching 90's TV shows and coloring. Sometimes coloring an entire Hello Kitty book in one sitting. Please feel free to put any of these excerpts from one of his many coloring books on your refrigerator.