blake ehrlichman


It was his fourth grade production of the Wizard of Oz that allowed Blake Ehrlichman, a silly-looking Toto with curly fur made from Joanne's fabric, to discover that acting was a passion of his. Despite his rendition of the role flopping when the paper-made yellow brick road stuck to his costume, Blake knew this was something he loved. With a love of putting on skits and making people laugh since birth, he knew performing was a path that suited him well. In a continuous pursuit, Blake proceeded to act all through his middle school and high school years, both with community theatre in West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills & Waterford as well as his school theatre program.


Now a graduating senior at West Bloomfield High school, Blake is just as enamored with the field as he was at the age of 10. He's thrilled to work with Slipstream, as it provides a consistently fresh & vibrant theatrical platform for Metro Detroit. Slipstream does not shy away from inventiveness, challenging the norms of classic theatre pieces while allowing them to resonate with modern audiences.  While still in school, collaborating with Slipstream has allowed him to grow as an actor in a professional setting & apply his knowledge to benefit  his acting ventures down the road, especially in at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC.