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by philip dawkins

When: Saturday March 7, 2020 @ 8:00 PM

How much: $20

Where: 460 Hilton Road, Ferndale MI 48220

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Or if you Venmo, look for us @Slipstream-Theatre.  In the comment tell us how many tickets for which performance of which show as well as your email address.

Trigger Warning: This show contains depictions of sexual violence, consensual sexual activities, graphic language, and discussions of self-harm and suicide. 

If the "Buy it at Paypal" button is not responding for you even after you've selected a date, check to ensure pop-ups and redirects are not blocked in your browser.  If it's blocked, the address bar in your browser might look something like the image below. 

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You can go back later and remove this permission if you want.

If that makes your head spin, give usa call and we can put your order through over the phone! (313) 268-3739




Slipstream has always been a 501(C)3.  As such your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law!