Claire Jolliffe


If you go to my mom's facebook profile, you'll find the earliest tape of me performing.  I was three and had just seen the middle school production of Oklahoma.  I was hooked!  The tape shows a very precocious toddler singing "whatcha gonna do? Spit in his eye?".

I first met Bailey when he became the MIFA director at my high school my senior year.  He came into the school and created an incredible production which won at every level of high school competition. I left the next year to attend the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. While I miss terribly my friends and life in England, I am thrilled to be home and working in Michigan.

When I'm not at rehearsals, I nanny for some pretty spectacular girls.  When I have time to myself, I love watching movies, club dancing at the gym with my sister and mom or just hanging out with my family or friends. I used to play sports, but I quickly realized that running is not what my heart desires. I love to cook have abandoned boxed mac and cheese and make it from scratch.  

(313) 268-3739

460 Hilton Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220, USA

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