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cookie isenberg


Coming from a theatrical family, it was no surprise to anyone that I felt most comfortable on a stage. Even the origins of "Cookie" came from a song my mom learned in choir, which she sang as she carried me around in her arms - my parents didn't just love cookies (although they did). Like every young actor, I was thoroughly convinced that I'd be Annie one day. But I'd settle for Cosette, or maybe even Elphaba. I soon learned singing wasn’t my strong point, but that never stopped me from doing community theatre with my family and friends in elementary school, knowing it was something I would eventually want to pursue- maybe just with less singing. Being given the opportunity to act and student-direct at West Bloomfield High School just solidified my love for it all. Getting to act under Bailey Boudreau's direction as early as my freshman year inspired me to improve further and gave me the tools to do so. Knowing I can grow in an environment as open and challenging as Slipstream is enough to motivate me to grow and learn as much as I can.