Dec 28th

Holiday Office Party Fundraiser

Join us as we celebrate a new season, the holidays, and friendships….not to mention getting our first grant! That’s right, Slipstream received a grant from MCACA for season three! It’s a matching grant, though, which means we only get as much of the $9,000 as we can raise. So how do we do that in a Slipstream way? By hosting a Holiday Office Party Fundraiser! Get out the ties, the glasses, the 50’s dresses and paper-clip inspired jewelry and come celebrate! The evening will include food and drink and all ages are welcome. There is NO price for admission, but donations are not only accepted and encouraged - they are the point! We can’t match $9,000 alone, so we need your help! There will be a stage for entertainment - meaning YOU can do some karaoke, tell some jokes, juggle, play guitar, or whatever it is that floats your boat and makes your inner you sparkle. Slipstream company members will be around all night to talk about the season, maybe do a little improv, and encourage general merriment and festivity. And donations, of course. If all you can afford is a dollar, that is a dollar matched! If you can afford 200 dollars, that translates to 400 dollars! The MCACA grant matches dollar for dollar. So come have fun with your friends, support local theatre, give what you can (especially those of you needing an end of the year tax deduction!), and help us grow. We wouldn’t be here without your support, and to better serve the community, the youth of tomorrow, and further the audience experience as well as increase our artistic abilities, we are hoping to make history by matching this grant in one night. Dress up. Liven up. Drink up. And come be with us to celebrate humanity and the arts.

Shenanigans start at 7.  Come when you can!