David wilson


David began his performing career as a young child of five or so as he sang Alicia Key’s “No One” to his mother in their backyard. From there on, David’s love for the arts only grew as he pursued activities such as orchestra and choir. However, it was not until his freshman year of high school that he became interested in the theatre scene. After being cast in his first show directed by Bailey Boudreau, David became aware of one concrete fact: his acting needed some work. But he was determined to improve and so David had the privilege of learning through experience by working and seeing the shows at Slipstream as well as other fantastic Michigan theatres. This is where his love for acting truly developed. David pursued his passion for theatre, continuing to participate in his high school shows as well as branching out to community theatre, and even doing a couple of shows at Slipstream. He knew that theatre is what he wanted to be doing for the rest of his life. Now, pursuing a B.A. in Theatre Performance at Fordham University, David is immensely grateful to Bailey and everyone at Slipstream for providing him the place to learn and experience. He owes his passion for theatre to Slipstream as they showed him that it is possible to breathe new life into any piece, and he hopes that audiences will feel the same as the leave each show!