Jackson abohasira


I have always been theatrical. Dramatic, over the top, and a natural public speaker. Acting was always my hobby, I was never the most athletic, never the brightest, and never truly passionate about anything. In my high school, I was always an “okay” actor. I was cast in small roles, and accepted here and there. My sophomore year I was cast and accepted in my school's “MIFA” team, the traveling, one-act, competition show. I was cast to play the ghost of a lead character. I was ecstatic to just be accepted and a part of something so exclusive. That's when I first met Bailey. I know it’s cliche, about as cliche as it gets; but he saw something in me, something I’d never seen in myself before. He recognized me and my talent, and vowed to help me make a future in the arts. He helped me, through his coaching, reach acting awards, scholarships and he even gave me the opportunity to headline two professional shows.


Slipstream gave me my first shot with and original work called “B.F.’s”. I headlined the show along with my good friend Maxim Vinogradov. We performed every weekend from August to October, 2015 I was given my first real reviews, and I was even featured on Fox 2 News to promote the show. What I learned from that experience carried on with me forever. The technique and lessons I had learned stuck with me to my college auditions. With Bailey’s help in rehearsing and choosing audition monologues he helped reach a (near) full ride for acting at Wayne State University. I literally owe my education to Slipstream.

Slipstream helped me gain self confidence, and a sense of purpose in my young and

wandering mind. When I lost family, and had no one to count on, they embraced me with open arms and gave me a place to belong, they became my family. However what’s so magical with Slipstream is that I’m not the only one, they accept and love and push every kid who has a shred of motivation and drive to make art like they do. In my short life, I can say without a doubt that working at Slipstream has been the most positive, and most valuable thing I have ever done.

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