Jeannine Thompson


Jeannine Thompson was born and raised in Detroit. A quiet shy child who didn’t find her love for theatre until high school.  A few newly made friends encouraged her to audition for the fall school play, “Feiffer’s People” by Jules Feiffer. She was cast and immediately bitten by the acting bug. The play was invited to perform at some theatre festivals and the cast of six men and six women made it all the way to Villach Austria for their final festival performance. Theatre and acting have been a part of her life ever since. There may have been a brief moment that Jeannine contemplated moving to New York, Chicago or L.A. to pursue acting but family keeps her firmly rooted in Michigan. “I have come to love the Michigan acting community. They are a talented group of dedicated, hardworking, caring individuals. Every theatre I have had the privilege to work with has welcomed me with open hearts and arms.” Jeannine also does a bit of Indie film work and you might catch her in a commercial here and there. When not acting, Jeannine likes to turn old junk into refurbished new treasure. She’d rather take something used and make it beautiful again than buy something new. “I like to imagine the story that comes with the old item and give it new life for another chapter.” That’s what Jeannine loves about Slipstream Theatre, they take old stories and give them new life. They prove there is more than one way to tell a great story.