How do you Jump In?

Slipstream is built on a company model.  We have a team of actors from which we draw to cast our season.  As such we do not generally hold auditions for the season or a particular show.  

There are times when we can not complete a cast with strictly company members.  In those situations we will cast people outside the company.  When we are looking to fill roles we post notices in the acting groups on facebook.  

To be considered, please send a headshot and resume to


Show Cancellations

I, Jennifer, believe strongly in the 1 person rule - we call it the Chuck rule here, after our (now) friend Chuck who made a lovely generous donation after we performed a show exclusively for him. I am the one the pushes for the one person show. But I've grown weak in my old age and acquiesce more than is healthy.
It is Bailey's desire to pay you guys like professionals and not dock pay when we do have to cancel a show. 
To reconcile these desires, we've had a long standing policy that when a show is cancelled, there is work to be done to try to keep it from happening again. Either A. the show isn't quite hitting right, so that should be at least brainstormed.

Or B we need some new energy in the marketing. 
For A - maybe share comments you've heard from people where the show is confusing.  Run lines if there are timing issues...  You know better than I what is appropriate here, I'm an engineer.

For B - sending out flyers is an option.  It seems we post a lot to social media, so that is not as productive.  
If you can create small impromptu videos, that is something that we never have enough time for.

Please believe our primary objective is to create a safe, trusting environment, respectful of you and your time as artists. 
If you have questions or concerns about what's going on, please reach out to board members as listed above.

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