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Kaitlyn Valor bourque


Kaitlyn is thrilled to return to Slipstream, one of her earliest homes in the metro Detroit theatre community. She has appeared in several productions during the company’s first three seasons (A Doll’s House, Hamlet, Hedda Gabler, P.YG., The Picture of Dorian Gray, Romeo & Juliet, Three Sisters, The Seagull) and has had the further privilege of working at Open Book Theatre (Dead Man’s Cell Phone), Puzzle Piece Theatre (Crimes of the Heart), Matrix Theatre (A Kid Like Jake, Church & State, Well-Intentioned White People), and Planet Ant Theatre (Really Really, Yes Weed Can, A Political Double Feature, BoxFest Detroit ‘18). In anticipation of Merry Wives this spring, other upcoming projects in 2019 include appearing in A Valentine’s Double Feature at Planet Ant in February, directing The Interference at Matrix in March/April, and appearing in Stargazers at Theatre Nova in July. She’s many things, and they all end up on a stage one way or another.


For as long as she can remember, Kaitlyn has found her way in theatre. A performer through-and-through, she is fueled by connection with a live audience in ways that cannot be recreated through any other art form. In art (as in life) she values honesty, risk-taking, and commitment: the most essential elements in telling a story that people will listen to — her favorite story is one that ends with questions and possibility on both sides of the stage.


When she’s not in rehearsals or performances, Kaitlyn serves as Media & Marketing Director for Planet Ant Theatre and it’s associated venues: the Black Box, Ghost Light & Ant Hall. A working actor and director in metro Detroit since 2014, the vastness and variety of opportunities she has been exposed to have further cemented her initial belief that the midwest’s regional theatre scene is wholly unique in its depth and quality of work, supported by a community who wants to invest in artists and creatives — and that these are things worth sticking around and fighting for. If experience is a teacher, her time has been (and continues to be) well spent.