kimberly alley


I was born and raised in Redford, MI, and knew from the moment I could talk that I was meant to perform. I can be seen in many a home video, hogging the camera, talking over people and trying to be the center of attention. Make believe, dress up, and watching movies (watching the same movies over and over until I could quote them perfectly) were my favorite things to do. Show business was always my dream lifestyle. My parents were always so patient with me, and encouraged me to be more creative. My poor little brother often fell victim to my creative bouts, and was such a good sport about it, even if he wound up in a wig and a dress. On one occasion, we choreographed our own ballet to the Nutcracker and pretended that he was my little gingerbread man who magically came to life!


I didn't really start acting, however, until I got to high school. Theatre, along with symphonic band, marching band, and softball kept me pretty busy all four years. I then went off to get my Bachelor's degree in Theatre from Oakland University. Since graduating, I've worked professionally all over the Detroit area. I made my professional debut as Cheryl in Evil Dead the musical at the City theatre, I was part of the regional debut of Atomic at Meadowbrook Theatre, I discovered my love of Shakespeare when I played Celia in As You Like It with Waterworks, and belted my face off as Elizabeth Benning (a dream role of mine) in Young Frankenstein with Penny Seats. 


I love working in Michigan because it's such an intimate community, and I get to work with some of the kindest people. There's always something new and exciting happening, and it's refreshing to work somewhere with so many new possibilities. I'm very excited to be part of the Slipstream company, and to continue to play and learn and make some awesome art while I'm at it! 


Fun fact: my favorite movie as a child was Warner Bros' "Cats Don't Dance". One of my favorite characters, the villian ,Darla, was voiced by Lindsay Ridgeway, who just so happened to originate the role of Tina in the Los Angeles production of Ruthless! Being part of this show makes the kid in me very, very happy!