Luna Alexander

Associate Artistic Director and Actor

I'm pretty sure I was conceived in a theater. I'm not a hundred percent sure because I don't want to know all of the slippery details, but my parents met while working on shows in a community theater in Ann Arbor. Girl sees boy with fro sweeping stage; girl teases boy that he's doing a great job; boy glares at girl and informs her that He. Hates. Sweeping. Ya know - love at first sight. Fast forward five years later, the awkward offspring of this awkward meeting is sitting, glued to the TV, watching Princess Leia Organa tell the boys to get a hairy walking carpet out of her way. With all the dignity that a bowl cut can muster, she announced to her family that's what she wanted to do one day. My parents did their best to dissuade me from the life of an actor with all the usual adjectives- lazy, self absorbed, diva, selfish - and made me try out for soccer instead. But when I got to high school, I had the opportunity to join the Huron Players in their MIFA production of Wit and I have never looked back.
I was able to attend Eastern Michigan University, dropped a soccer scholarship and joined the theater program. From such memorable shows as Brecht on Brecht, The Clean House, Hotel Paradiso and A Merchant of Venice, I was given the guidance and care that I so desperately craved. Some of my dearest friends branched off to create companies of their own with The New Theater Project and Threefold Productions, which I threw myself into with gusto. Shows such as The Spring Awakening Project, The Everyman Project, A Body of Water and Titus Unbound challenged and captivated me. After graduating, I moved to East Lansing for awhile, hated it, and decided to move to Detroit. Since arriving, I've been lucky enough to reconnect with Bailey, whose passion for theater is beyond inspiring. Slipstream offers the kind of growth and creativity that theater thrives on, so I leapt at the chance to become part of the company. Not too shabby for a frizzy haired kid with glasses and a weird laugh. I hope that you are inspired, challenged and excited by this incredible season. Have fun!