Maggie Alger

maggie alger


Maggie grew up involved with theatre in the Port Huron area. Following in the footsteps of her father and older sister, she was mostly just a tag-along at auditions, but still chose to perform anywhere she could. Maggie’s most captive audience (and biggest supporters) are her parents, who would patiently sit and watch plays she produced with her sisters in the living room. Her passion for theatre only continued to grow, despite being forced to try various sports and her high school not having a theatre program.


Seeking more opportunities and challenges, Maggie moved to Detroit in October 2017 and hasn’t regretted it for a second. Through its setbacks, Detroit and the surrounding areas have people brimming with dedication and perseverance, always ready to create something out of the norm, that pushes boundaries and forces the audience to think. Maggie appreciates the boldness of the art that Slipstream chooses to produce, as well as its commitment to telling stories that need to be heard. Outside of theatre, Maggie fills her time as a nanny (although she has a degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Grand Valley State University), and enjoys photography and playing the ukulele. Every year since she was young, Maggie makes a New Year’s resolution to learn how to do the splits, and unfortunately, still has the resolution on her to do list.