Maxim vinogradov

Playwright and Actor

When I was a little kid I saw Brando in Streetcar and that kinda changed my bones. It made me look around at people and wonder why they did things the way they did, and especially wonder why when they were thrown in front of an audience everything became different. So my ultimate goal with acting was never to be the spotlight or demand the audience but to tell the truth. I wanted to say things like people said them, not hop into an actor’s persona. (And I’m definitely still getting there.)


I’ve done two professional shows (The Taming of the Shrew & B.F.’s!) where I had more fun than I’d ever had during any show. I've also done a lot of high school plays and, incidentally, one musical. Though I am not a singer. I’m currently doing student theatre at UMich, where I’m studying English and Film.

I like to write short stories, plays, movies, anything in my free time. When my friends and I have even more free time, we like to shoot the scripts on video cameras. (One of them so far has been good.) I also like to listen to bad fake ‘80s music and if can you think of an Audrey Hepburn movie then chances are I’ve seen it or will see it as soon as the government stops shutting down my favorite bootleg sites.


I think a problem that we’re facing today is that kids aren’t being shown theatre as something that needs to be appreciated. There’s no mad rush among kids to see the latest play. Which is why Slipstream rocks to me and why I wanted to be a part of it. I saw an Earnest once and didn’t know it was a comedy until someone told me afterwards. Then I saw Slipstream’s Earnest and my sides hurt. There just needs to be more places in metro-Detroit for kids to be excited about theatre (and where they don’t have to pay two weeks’ salary). So I’ve always given big kudos to this place for doing the unknown, doing the zany, and really taking an initiative. (*wink*)