May 4 - May 27


Slipstream has become known for switching genders and presenting classic relationships in a way that is fresh and relate-able, and Othello is yet another step in the direction of gender exploration and stereotype shattering. War has come to Cyprus; the island lies crippled under siege from the most feared and admired naval officer on the ocean – Othello. At the same time, another war is brewing beneath the surface.  Othello has risen through the ranks quickly, the first black Naval Admiral of distinction in the State.  Recently married to the affluent and charming Desmond, Othello carries out her duty with distinguished brilliance.  And yet, can Othello enjoy success, when she cannot trust those closest to her – least of all, her right hand, Iago?  What are the loyalties, prejudices, devotions and resolutions of two women who have clawed their way up the social ladder together, and when do they fall apart?  Can love overcome pride?  Or will it consume everything it touches?

Come explore Shakespeare’s classic treatise on love and betrayal from a different view, featuring performances by Torri Lynn Frances as Othello, and Tiaja Sabrie as Iago. The rest of the cast consists of Steve Xander Carson as Desmond, Bailey Boudreau as Emil, Jake Rydell as Cassio, Jay Jolliffe as The Fleet Commander, and Ryan Ernst as Rodgers, Bianco and The Officer.  Brenton Herwat fills the role of Desmond May 18th through May 20th. The adaptation is written and directed by Luna Alexander, with technical and lighting design by Ryan Ernst. Fight choreography is done by Steve Xander Carson, with costume design by Tiaja Sabrie and Luna Alexander.  Ellen Stachowicz joins the company as stage manager for this production. Original artwork featured in the show created by Joshua Daniel Palmer and Allison Janicki.

How do the tensions and actions of a jealous leader work when the genders are swapped and what new realizations are made because of them? Slipstream asks you to question motives, relationships, and accepted standards as we move forward together. What lies beneath the surface, and how can you incite change? The production runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, May 4th through May 27th, 2018, with Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00 pm, Sundays at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $12 and available via www.slipstreamti.com or by emailing InsideTheSlipstream@gmail.com. Slipstream Theatre Initiative is located at 460 Hilton in Ferndale.

What do you Tolerate?