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Rachel Biber

Actor and Director

Rachel Biber First seen at the spry age of 4, singing "Tomorrow" from Annie in her grandparents basement, Rachel has had a patchwork quilt of a theater career ever since. Her true theatrical debut was as a royal wife in The King and I at age 10. From there, she and her parents were permanent fixtures in the Michigan theater world. For the last 30 years she has been heavily involved in countless productions. She has been seen in theater, modeling, and film. Rachel is first and forever, mom to Caleb, the greatest kid ever! When not performing she has found a place as a floral designer. She tries to be a vegetarian, but can't resist a good corned beef sandwich...rye bread, mustard, corned beef ONLY! Raised in a Jewish/hippie counter culture home on a commune, "extended" family is extremely important to her. I choose to do theater in the Michigan area because I live here. My family is rooted here, and I know that even when I try to leave, I always come back. Michigan has it's icy claws in me....But 2 months a year it's PERFECT here. I have wanted to work with slipstream for years. It was only recently that the stars aligned properly. I've always loved the commitment to the art that the people at slipstream exibit. Clearly everyone involved in this company truly is in love with the art form, and so incredibly supportive and loving. Something weird about me..........hmmmm........oh! I still sleep with a blankie! I call it my Bahbahnk....I always have. I find watching surgeries fascinating, and love the smell of horse manure.