sarah stevens



I grew up in New York, but not the cool New York you're probably thinking of. This was the New York that was 45 minutes by train from the amazing, crowded and inspiring New York you're thinking of. My first ever roll was a singing angel in a Christmas pageant and, during the show, I became so curious of the lights that in the middle of the show, I walked up to the front and touched one with my tiny little pointer finger. It gave me a third degree burn and my mom had to rush the stage to help me. But, despite that injury, I was hooked and became a weird theater kid from that day on. 

Later on, I went to Skidmore College and received my theater degree. Then took some time to perform opera in New York and Hawaii. And, by fate, found myself in Ann Arbor and have never felt more at home anywhere that I have ever lived. Being from New York I always thought that the arts lived on either coast and that everything in between was a vast non-artistic wasteland. Since I've been in Michigan, though, I've been blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of Southeastern Michigan's arts community. I am so excited to be performing with Slipstream!