Season III


Slipstream knows that not every show is for everybody and leaps boundlessly into a season that strives to offer something for everyone. They hope to share and reveal the things that identify us as people, the societal norms that shape our identities, and the happy accidents that give us the option to choose our identities…and in some cases, destroy them all together.

Lady Bracknell Presents

Dec 1st – Dec 18th

Dr. Heidi Jekyll

Feb 19th – Mar 12th

Three Sisters

May 13th – Jun 4th

The Seagull

July 22nd – Aug 13th

Romeo & Juliet

Jan 7th – Jan 29th

Nain Rouge
A new Translation of La mi-Careme

Mar 25th – Apr 16th


Jun 17th – Jul 9th

A Night of Stars with Tennessee Williams


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