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Slipstream announces 4th season lineup


October 23, 2017

FERNDALE—Slipstream has announced its 4th season, with works that go back to the theater’s founding tenets and shake things up with some exciting changes. The shows for season 4, aptly named “Slipstream:4”, are as follows:


Tales from the Mitten, by Luna Alexander & Dan Johnson, directed by Bailey Boudreau—January 5 through 28. An original piece by fan favorites Luna Alexander and Dan Johnson, this working title play follows two Michiganders as they trot down the path of getting the hell out, and the realization of the importance of staying where the heart is. With excerpts from classic plays, original and often true stories, and a blend of outlandish comedy and heartwarming truth, this will be a show for everyone to enjoy and embrace their own journeys.


Tartuffe by Moliere, directed by Mandy Logsdon—February 23 through March 18. The classic French comedy is reimagined by Slipstream as a retelling of the founding of Detroit. Taking a page from the uber-successful Hamilton, the company uses a diverse cast to tell the story of such characters as Joseph Campau, John R, Lady Dequindre, and even Monsieur Palms. When a very ‘devout’ man settles into the family home to show them the errors of their ways, anything can happen. Focusing on the ridiculous, yet unfortunate, reality of social, economic, and racial divisions in both Moliere’s time (over 350 years ago) and now, Mandy Logsdon’s directorial debut promises to use laughter as that “spoonful of sugar” to help the medicine go down.


Othello by Shakespeare, directed by Luna Alexander—April 27 through May 20. Set in a city divided by a rich cultural history versus growing gentrification, a respected and successful political leader faces being overthrown by an aspiring politician posing as assistant. The classic themes of Shakespeare’s masterpiece stay intact, while bending the genders of the rivals and their partners, allowing current-day issues such as intersectional feminism to blend with the more-relevant-than-ever issues already present in the play. Slipstream asks the audience to question their own tolerance and acceptance boundaries.


St. Sebastian by Andrew Kramer: From award winning playwright Andrew Kramer comes the Michigan premiere of a play that delves into what Pride can really mean. As a gay white couple moves into a culturally rich neighborhood in Detroit, one fears becoming gentrifiers while the other embraces the opportunity to enrich the heritage of the city even more. When a young curious local starts showing up in the front yard, paranoia leads to devastation as the couple loses touch with who they are; one fighting for the boy and the other fighting against the idea the boy represents. June 15 through July 8. 


Lost in 3 Pines: Fresh off his multiple honors and awards, and new addition to the Dramatists Guild, Maxim Vinogradov offers a world premiere of his new work. It's a journey into the discovery of what we do, what we choose to define ourselves by, and just how willing we are to change or be changed. July 20 through August 5.

A Night of Stars with Tennessee Williams:  The wildly successful and critically acclaimed play returns with some new cast members and a new venue, parterning with Theatre Nova for the last production before it goes to New York. Dates are August 4 through August 26.


Ruthless! the Musical Ruthless! is a fun and refreshing musical, featuring a book and lyrics by Joel
Paley with music by Marvin Laird. This production is the American Premiere of the
newly revised version of Ruthless! It runs September 14 th through October 7 th . Friday and
Saturday performances at 8:00 pm with Sunday shows at 7:00 pm. *Limited Seating*
Come on over to Slipstream to lighten your load and laugh with these catty divas!


Standard performances are Fridays through Sundays, but show dates, days, and times will vary per production.

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