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tiaja sabrie

Director of Operations

At my core, I am a storyteller. Giving form to stories is what drew me to the theatre. I act to give voice to the stories that need to be heard, but can't tell themselves.
I moved to Detroit in 2009 to attend Wayne State and study acting. I immediately found a community of people with strength, passion, and drive. I found teachers, mentors, neighbors, classmates, peers, and friends who pushed me to create and grow in every possible direction. I have had the opportunity to act, write, teach, build, sing. I expanded my art to sculpture, story telling, performance art. No matter where I go, I will never find another city like this.
That's what drew me to Slipstream. Their aim is not to put on a play, to create a show. Their aim is to tell stories that need to be told, here and now, in the way that they need to be heard. Their stories are for Detroit, and for the incredible people in it.
Outside the theatre, I am a proud pit bull owner, a long-time fencer, and loud laugher. I also have a passion for strong language, (bad) dancing, and Oreos. My favorite pastime is to scour Detroit for the urban adventures and unique experiences that only this city can offer. I also have a thing for buttons, which is really nothing compared to what I will do for a sticker.