victoria rose weatherspoon


People call me Victoria Rose Weatherspoon, mostly because it's on my birth certificate. I realized at a very early age, when I discovered my affinity to being obnoxiously bouncy and my single minded dedication to being the loudest, funniest, most misunderstood person in any room ever, that I was going to need something to tell people. Enter my love of acting. I  studied at Wayne State University where I had the privilege to preform on the Bonstelle stage. Since then, I have preformed in and around Detroit, including a two year run of Aint Misbehavin in the Jazz Cafe at the Music Hall.  I was most recently seen at the Tangent Gallery in the short film One Too Many,  at the screen and stage festival: Film/Play. I have a tendency to dance down the street to music only I can hear, like a crazy person, and if there is a stranger sitting alone at a bar, they better be prepared to have a nice long conversation with little ole me. Steeped in tradition and full of innovation, Detroit is, and always has been my home. The artistry that stems from this city is mind boggling and always inspirational, and that is why I feel so lucky to be working with one of the most unique theater companies around; The  Slipstream Theater Initiative.